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What is the normal variability for a blood glucose meter?

I recently bought a cheap blood glucose meter (the “TrueTrack Smart System” kit) over the internet to check out my blood sugars after a relative was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since I have no symptoms and am not overweight I was just expecting to be reassured; but I found my 8hr fasting glucose over several days seemed to range from 98 to 124 indicating potential prediabetes. However, this morning I became confused on getting a reading of 144 despite not having eaten anything for over 12 hours. I decided to do several tests in a row and the results were: 144 130 117 111 126 110 104. I made sure my fingers were very clean and dry & of course used new strips & lancets each time. The meter did not come with glucose control solution but does have a test card you can insert in the strip port which then reads “OK”. My question is, what is the normal range of reproducibility you can expect in readings from a blood glucose meter, and should I disregard these results and throw it out?

The FDA allows home meters to vary up to 20%.

Even the best meters will give a pretty high variation when tested like this.

Also, remember that blood sugar is a moving target, so even seconds later, your level could be different.

Bayer Contour Glucose

Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips?

Does anyone know of a place or site for free or cheap test strips? Everywhere I check they are like $100 for 100 strips and I’m out. This is all new to me.
I have no income and no insurance at all of any kind.. They gave me the Contour at the Dr a week ago and said learn how to use it ect… It will be billed to me later..

try ebay
im from Australia and they cost
if your on welfare $5.20
if your in the diabetic club $16
or buy a metter

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Accu Chek Aviva

Accu Chek Aviva
How reliable are accu chek AVIVA?

I know it says a +/-20% error margin, but my results sounds too good to be true.
Two months I went to dr. office and it was measured 142mg/l or something like that. That was about 2 hours after I had lunch.
Few weeks later I used my parents meter to read my sugar levels in the morning, and it ranged from 88 to 117… Now I bought My own, and I measured every day for the last 5 days… all measures are between 78 and 86mg/L, even when I measure after lunch.
I’ve then bought the level 1 and level 2 control solutions, and the control test for both resulted as OK. strips are brand new, made for AVIVA and the code on the strips matches the chip… everything looks fine except that my readings seems too good to be true

I’ve used different types of meters in the past but now I use the Aviva and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The numbers you cite, +/- 20% accuracy ranges may be a little high especially for the Aviva, I believe there numbers are much closer to the +/- 5-10% range, not so 5 years ago but with better technology and when you convert your 3 month average to your HbA1c results you will see they are almost right on the money.

There’s no better meter and lancet device on the market right now, I haven’t seen a finger prick needle in 5 years since they’re enclosed in their muti-clix device. And if you have any issues with your meter they will gladly send you a new one at no charge.

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Accu Chek

Accu Chek
Glucose meters; Freedom vs Accu-chek?

Of the various glucose meters, I would like a comparison between Freedom and Accu-chek.

Which is better?

Are there competing brands with an advantage?

If you mean the Therasense Freestyle Freedom made by Abbot, I love it!

It requires one of the smallest samples for testing, its fast, easy to use, accurate, and reliable.

I have used Accu-check, Freestyle, One Touch, and a couple of others. I find the Therasense Freestyle meters are the best and One Touch is a close second. (One Touch requires a larger blood sample, which is the main drawback to it).

I would rate my Freestyle as #1, and my One Touch as #2, and wouldn’t bother with Accu-check at all.

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Accu Chek Compact

Accu Chek CompactWondering about the length of time your glucose meter will work?
How long does your glucose meter last?

I check my daughter’s blood sugar 10-12 times per day. She was diagnosed about 4 months ago now, so that’s … a lot of testing :o)

So under those circumstances, how long will a meter last? I haven’t had any problems so far, except for half a vial of funky test strips. And when the meter goes bad, how does it go? Does it usually happen a certain way?

Oh, and tell me what kind of meter you have experience with. We use a One Touch Ultra every day, and have a Accu-Chek Compact Plus for back up. We’ve only used that one about 10 times total.

Thanks in advance!

i used to use the one touch ultra, and i had it for about 6 years. it still works perfectly fine, i just upgraded to the one touch ultra 2 which is the meter i’ve been wanting for like a year now. i will still use my one touch ultra for backup, and it will probably last quite a long time.

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Is there such a thing as a blood glucose AND insulin meter?

I am not diabetic, but I thought it would be interesting to track both my blood glucose and my blood insulin. Obviously a blood glucose meter is easy to buy, but can one buy a personal meter that measures both glucose and insulin? I can’t find one online.

If such a thing exists, brand names and websites would be very helpful. Thanks.

There is no commercial meter available for measuring insulin levels, however, there is a laboratory blood test that can do it (c-peptide?).

It wouldn’t do much good for us to have an insulin meter anyway, since everybody’s production and needs are different (consider how much trouble diabetics already have just tracking their glucose). How much your body needs to produce can be very different from what someone else needs for the same food item. I’ve been part of the “let’s compare” group at lunch – we all eat the same thing but the number of points on the meters two hours later can vary as much as 100 mg/dL between some of us.

For some type 2s, we do have our insulin levels checked periodically because we produce not enough of our own insulin (and supplement with injections), but enough that we are a type 1. Some oral meds are designed to force the beta cells to produce more insulin (which makes me wonder if after using such meds over many years, will some or all of those cells burn out?).

Ms Lamb: I am a type 2 with reduced isulin production. There is some concern that I may end up type 1 in another decade or so.

Getting the Most Out of Blood Glucose Meters

Bayer Ascensia Contour

Help getting testing supplies?

boyfriend is type 1 and needs help getting his testing supplies.
Currently he has an Ascensia Contour by Bayer tester, and uses the strips also made by them. I couldnt seem to find any help on their site :/
Another tester is fine, or another kind of strip that would work with the machine.
He has no insurance or medicare. If we have to pay some it’s fine, just the full cost is a bit much.

Try e-bay. There are lots of different meters and test strips for sale on there. I just got myself some tests strips (I use the Accu Chek Compact) for a third of what I would have paid in a pharmacy (pharmacy cost would have been more than $300…I got them for just over $100…6 boxes worth).

You can also contact by phone the maker of the meter your boyfriend uses. Many companies are willing to help people out with test strips and such. Bayer is the maker of the Contour. Look them up and call them. You will get better results by calling rather than emailing. I did that once before with Roche. I told them I had no insurance and needed help with test strips. They sent me 6 boxes worth (more than 300 strips).

Everyone knows how expensive diabetes supplies are. Many companies now have programs to help people out and they will. Good luck.

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